march mix

happy birthday to me! this months mix is a collection of songs that are particularly meaningful to me for one reason or another. Each song either reminds me of a person I love, a meaningful event, or have really resonated with me in some way. I love, love, love every song on this months mix and I hope you do too! 

Speaking of you, not sure if anyone is reading yet...but if you are leave a comment! What have you been listening to lately? what songs are most meaningful in your life?

thanks for being here : )


february tunes

February is a strange time of year. Our cool days have given way to 75 degree weather, the new years resolutions have been worn in a little (or worn out depending on who you are!), nothing is quite in season at the farmers market, and smack dab in the middle of it all is valentine's day. 

Yes I know, valentine's day is not liked by all, but celebrating love is always a good thing in my book! Whether you enjoy valentine's day or not, I hope you will enjoy this months playlist! I tried to create a nice balance of songs about love and relationships of many kinds, and of course some spring-y songs thrown in! Fun, romantic, and thoughtful - I hope you like it!

post christmas music therapy

happy new year my dears, I hope you are enjoying the absence of nonstop Christmas music! Oh yes, the gloomy cold lovely winter...we only get a few days of that here in California so forgive me for enjoying it! 

Please have a listen to my January playlist - it's not totally gloomy I promise! And hopefully it will help you recover from your devastating life of 'I don't want a lot for Christmas' by Mariah Carey on repeat. Let me know in the comments what you think!