New York

I haven't been many places. It's the kind of thing you get used to, never having traveled to any exotic or interesting places. Yes I have seen a fair amount of California, so many hours on I5...but I live in California, it's not the same. I'm talking BIG travel! With planes, and checked bags, and passports! Well, 2017 was my first year of big travel, and we kicked it off with a sweet trip to New York!

Some of our best friends live in New York, so it was really about time we made it out to the East Coast to visit! I never really considered myself a city person, and I wasn't sure how much I would really enjoy our time in the city. I'll admit, I can be quite the skeptic - especially when things are hyped. BUT exploring the city ended up blowing all my expectations away! We barely had a down moment during our visit. Our experiences included phenomenal restaurants, beautiful parks, fantastic museums, and outstanding theater - we loved our time in New York!

check out my New York gallery for a peek into our meanderings in the city!